Ram upfit

Do you need to quickly up-fit your vehicle?

We have upfitted dump trucks ready to be picked up today. If you need a custom up-fitted vehicle, we will work with you to build out your perfect truck or van.

What does Vehicle Upfitting mean?

When you purchase a vehicle for yourself, you typically receive a car that is ready to go on the road the moment the dealership hands you the keys. However, when it comes to buying a vehicle for your business, this process looks different. Vehicle upfitting is where a car or truck from the factory is brought to a specialist to meet the specific business. In this case, Buffalo Business and Fleet would be the “specialist.” 

Include the Drivers in the Research Process

Even though you may be the main decision maker of your business, you may not be the one actually using the vehicle for your business. Consulting with whomever is actually going to drive the vehicle can bring great insight into what your specific needs are. If you own a food truck business, your operator may know that a specific part will be needed for your vehicle. 

Plan Properly

There are many ways of upfitting your vehicle, so planning is essential. To accommodate a specific need could require preparation in the building stage. You will want a detailed plan of your needs before you order anything. 

Don’t Try to Please Everyone

As a business owner, it is essential to keep costs low. So, you will want to upfit your vehicle only in ways that are necessary for your vehicle. There may be some debate on which features might be nice to have, but keep in mind what accessories should be in focus. Know the difference between what the operator wants and needs.

Understand the Value of an Upfit 

Investing in a vehicle may seem expensive at first, but you need to remember how your business will be more productive once the work is done. Properly planning, researching, and buying a vehicle can save your business thousands in the future. For more information on Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, and Jeep Upfitting, be sure to contact Buffalo Business and Fleet at XXX-XXXX or check out our inventory.